Banquet Debrief & Starting Project

After the banquet students will report to advisor rooms for a 25-minute debrief.

5 minute written reflection
  • Ask students to create a Google doc titled "Lastname Banquet Debrief" and have them share it with you (or just have students hand write). Then have students to respond to the following two questions (consider writing the two questions on the board):
    • How do you feel both physically and emotionally after this banquet?
    • What questions come up as a result of the experience?
20 minute open discussion
  • Would anyone like to share your reaction to the banquet?
  • What questions come up as a result of the experience? 
  • Take out your ticket from lunch.  Share the description of the person described on the card.  How is this person's access to food different from your own?
  • How does the banquet represent real world situations? How might it not?
  • Has anyone witnessed poverty or food insecurity in the US or elsewhere that you would like to share?
  • Does anyone have any ideas about how personal choices as Americans affect the world's unequal distribution of resources?
  • What might we all do to bring about a fairer distribution of resources?
  • If you have time remaining, you might look at these food and food-insecurity infographics to spur discussion and thought with your advisees.

After you finish your discussion at 12:30, provide a brief break for your students to eat snacks that are provided for each group and in the hallway. We will regroup in the YPAC for a documentary related to food insecurity in the US, and then explain the project details afterwards. You will have about 25 minutes at the end of the day to discuss the documentary and project ideas afterwards.