Project Rationale & Criteria

Power of 1 projects should fit within the rationale and criteria.  Advisors and teachers will guide students to create projects that fall within the rationale and meet criteria.

Project Rationale  

Hunger and food insecurity impacts people in our own communities and around the world.  Students at Yarmouth High School will learn about the issues of hunger, and develop projects that can make a difference.  Projects are open-ended.  There is no one pathway for making a difference.  Through the work, students will:

Project Criteria

  • Students will work in small groups.
  • Students will submit a Project Proposal Form for approval before beginning work.
  • Projects will demonstrate significant learning around food insecurity and hunger.
  • Projects will demonstrate impact in making a difference in the area of food insecurity and hunger.
  • Students will monitor progress and meet deadlines for project check-ins.
  • Students will successfully complete a project.
  • Students will submit a summary of their project for the conference.
  • Students will present their work and findings at the Power of 1 Conference.