These are the events and due dates for the project.
 Date     Description Times
Jan 11
All freshman advisors attend Hunger Banquet & Power of One Project is introduced and discussed. 

Period 4 & 5
Thurs, Jan 12Advisor groups begin brainstorming and refining project ideas. Begin working on proposalAdvisor 
Feb 01
Work on written proposal should be completed and submittedExtended Advisor
Feb 03     

Senior advisors and students will meet with advisor groups to give feedback on projects and workshop ideasPeriod 3 Advisor time
Feb 09 
Advisor groups use feedback from the period 3 session to revise project proposals if necessary. All proposals submitted by the end of advisorAdvisor
Thurs, Feb 09Freshman team reviews proposals and returns feedback to each Advisor groupFreshman Team Time
Mon, Mar 06Advisor groups are given time in Period 3 to work on project, presentation, or any other work neededPeriod 3 Advisor time
Thurs, Mar 16Speakers related to Hunger/Food insecurity come in throughout the day, Advisors have time to work on projects and presentationsAdjusted CEP day schedule
Mar 17
(Freshman field trip to Museum of Fine Art)Adjusted CEP day schedule
Mar 20
Advisor groups work in Period 3 to finish presentation workPeriod 3 Advisor time
Mar 22
Advisors present projects at Power of One/CEP night to community and familyEvening