Timeline 2019

These are the events and due dates for the project.



Your Role


Jan. 8


Hunger Banquet (shhh)

(End of period 3 through the end of the day)

Freshman Advisors: Get coverage for any non-Freshman period 4, 5 classes.

Checklist to track progress - link

  • Don’t tell your advisees about this ahead of time!

  • At 10:50, students move to the gym. If you have a period 3 class, please finish your class and come down to the gym. You will be with your advisees for the rest of the afternoon

  • Hunger Banquet Activity - 11:05 - 11:50 - You will participate with the students

  • Debrief & Reflection #1- 11:55 - 12:20 - discussion link
    Collect student tickets for reuse after reflection.

  • Snack - 12:20 - Snacks in the one-story wing

  • Film - 12:30 - 2:00 - Watch “A Place at the Table” in the YPAC

  • Movie Debrief & Reflection / Project Brainstorm - 2:05 - 2:45 - reflection #2 / begin to brainstorm after the Power of One Project is introduced

Wednesday,Jan 9


Extended Advisor Time: Work on Project Ideas

Continue to guide your group to decide on project ideas.  Draft proposals will be submitted in three weeks.

Optional Extension Activity if your group needs more discussion

Wednesday, Jan 30 (Blue)

Extended Advisor Time:

Submit Draft Proposal(s)

Ensure all students submit their proposal form, linked here.

Make sure students are prepared to give a short (3-minute) overview of their proposal to a senior panel on Friday.


Feb 1


Period 3: (Shark Tank)

A panel of senior advisors and two to three students will meet with your advisor group to give feedback on projects and workshop ideas

Facilitate feedback time; guide advisees in making notes about feedback and seeking input - Schedule

With any remaining time, work on revising proposals; Students complete Reflection #3

Wednesday, Feb 6 (White)

Extended Advisor Time: Use feedback to revise proposals if necessary. Submit final proposal by the end of extended advisory using the Google Form

Guide students in using feedback to make necessary changes to proposals

Link to Google Form

Wednesday, Feb 13 (Blue)

Freshman Team Returns Proposals with Feedback

This is an approximate date.


Advisees work on Project(s)

Check in regularly with advisees about their specific roles and tasks -- monitor progress and deadlines

Monday Mar 11 (White)

Period 3:

Work on project(s), presentation(s), or any other work needed

Advisors - invite your advisee parents to the Presentation Night Wednesday, March 27 5:30-7:00

Thursday, Mar 21

(CEP Day)

Speakers come to present on food insecurity; additional time to work on project

You will likely have an entire afternoon to work on the project. Students should be working on their presentations, as they have less than a week before presentations. Continue to monitor progress. Students complete Reflection #4


Mar 22

(CEP Day)

MFA Field Trip for 9th grade advisor groups

Accompany your advisory students to the MFA - they will take you on a tour around the museum!


Mar 25


Extended Advisor

Finalize Presentations

Presentation night is Wednesday, March 27


Mar 27


Evening: 5:30 - 7:00

Power of One Presentation Night

All advisees must attend. See the project descriptor for the presentation.

Each student should turn in a notesheet for credit.

Thursday, Mar 28


Regular Advisor Time

Students complete Reflection #5